Discovery and development of epigenetic biomarkers integral to health and wellness


We are a life sciences company focused on the discovery and commercialisation of powerful epigenetic biomarkers utilising chromosome conformation signatures (CCS).


Epigenetics, and especially CCS, are at the forefront of precision health, with the potential to unlock genuinely personalised and actionable preventative healthcare.


We utilise EpiSwitch,™ an award winning, patented and clinically validated discovery system for the identification of CCS, developed by our AIM listed shareholder Oxford Biodynamics Plc.


Our pilot study in humans demonstrates the role that EpiSwitch™ can play in both measurement of underlying physiological responses and prediction of outcomes from an intervention such as exercise.


Our pilot study on exercise response prediction in thoroughbred racehorses supports the potential of EpiSwitch™ to fully translate to animals for livestock and pet health.


We are applying EpiSwitch™ to help improve diagnosis and prognosis of mild Traumatic Brain Injury - which endangers the long-term health of millions of people around the world each year